God created ladies to spend their guy’s money – Counselor Lutterodt

Controversial counselor George Lutterodt is back once again putting out some statement and comments out that makes people wonder if he is truly okay.

According to him, God created women to spend their boyfriends and husbands money and ladies who don’t do that are just a disgrace to the creator.

He made this statement whiles sharing his thought on an issue been discussed on GhOne’s Tales from the powder room program.

Counselor Lutterodt added that many at times we hear ladies advising their men to buy land instead of telling the man to give her the money to spend and enjoy.

He described such ladies as not being real women.

Watch the video below:

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The marriage counselor was recently banned by the Ghana Psychology Council from carrying himself as a counselor but he in his reaction explained that he was not going to stop practicing as a counselor.

“All that’s happening I see it as vindictiveness, there are other people on tv and radio calling themselves counselors but they’ve not written to the media about them, why only me George Lutterodt, every day George Lutterodt, why?

I am a pastoral counselor. I have certificates, I have learned and still learning. I was trained by a school.

If the Ghana Psychology Council like, they can take their counselor name, but they can never ban me. In case they don’t know, I was trained by a school and has certificates to show.

The Ghana Psychology Council cannot ban me in this country, I don’t belong to their association. They cannot ban me until I die”, he said.

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