Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute – An answer on time

Across the globe, countries that have burgeoning oil and gas industry have come a long way in terms of establishing a strong manpower base to manage the industry.

From Angola to Iran, most oil-rich nations have endeavored to create the labour-sufficiency and efficiency enough to manage offshore production and facilities. The onus now lies on Ghana, one of the newest additions to the ‘oil-rich club of nations’, to follow suit by endeavoring to establish institutions and create educational systems that are tailor-made to the embryonic oil and gas industry in the country.

Dating back to 2007, euphoria erupted across the length and breath of the country at the first announcement of the discovery of oil in commercial quantities on the west cape three points at the foot of Ghana.

Since the production of the natural resource, the problem of infrastructure has been a problem for Ghana. The nation has a major asset in terms of its hydrocarbons deposits that it wants to leverage, but lacks the necessary expertise, both in the private sector and among government bureaucrats.

At present, Ghana’s oil industry has seen expatriates thronging the country to work in and manage different aspects of the industry at the expense of the local people, who lack the right expertise. Thus, Ghana has been learning on the job as it grapples with challenging situations, which range from legislation of oil-related bills to the creation of optimum labour efficiency.

In this regard, Ghana is set to heave a sigh of relief with the arrival of Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute (HMPTI), located in the oil city, Takoradi.

Know Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute (HMPTI)

Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute (HMPTI) is an academic facility established by Harvard Marine International Ghana Limited.

Harvard Marine International is a household name across nations for the competitive challenge it brings on the turf when it comes to modern and relevant academic coaching in the oil and gas industry in different countries across the globe.

The zenith of Harvard Marine’s intent is to help oil-producing countries make the most out the ‘oil blessing’ by building a solid manpower base  predominantly made up of indigenes.

Counting on its many years of experience in the oil and gas industry, the faculty of HMPTI is set to make train local people at its state-of-the-art multipurpose training facility located at Takoradi  on the south-western side of Ghana.

The mission and vision

The mission of Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute (HMPTI) develop sustainable human resource for Ghana through training based on an in-depth understanding of the need for internationally certified workforce required by the industry. The workforce produced by HMPTI will enable these organisations to comply with the 90 per cent local content law.

The vision of HMPTI is to be the leader in the training and provision of expert human resource for occupational health, safety and environment (OHS&E) in the mining, construction, oil and gas industries. It intends to be the training centre of choice for interested trainees in the whole of Africa.

The mandate

On the international stage, Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute is endorsed by the Australian Maritime Safety  Authority (AMSA), through the Australasian Maritime Institute (AMI).  The accreditation gives Harvard Marine  the mandate to offer academic coaching for a wide range of oil-based and oil related disciplines and concerns under the AMSA Accreditation Standards.

The AMI is the largest Western Australian, privately owned training provider, servicing the offshore oil, gas and maritime industry.

It operates in Australia and New Zealand and is ranked among the top three in the league of training institutions in Australia.

HMPTI, just like any well-meaning educational, vocational and technical institution, has been given the nod by the National Vocational Training Institute to commence its programmes in January.

Students who graduate under the AMI certified courses would be issued a certificate of training recognised in approximately 120 countries.

Harvard Marine works in collaboration with the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), the governmental agency mandated to oversee vocational training with the backing of the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Energy.

This governmental accreditation mandates Harvard Marine International Ghana Limited to “plan, structure and implement training programmes for the offshore oil, gas, energy, mining and construction industries in Ghana”, which meet international requirements.

“For the youth and the unemployed, international accredited training is the only gateway to successful employment in this premium industry...” said Captain Ron McGrath, CEO of Harvard Marine International Ghana Limited.

“The collaboration with Harvard Marine is therefore an expression of our wish not only to offer quality skills to the youth of the country but also give them the opportunity to acquire certificates that are internationally recognised and acceptable to all players in the oil and gas industry,” noted Hayford Yeboah,the PRO of NVTI. The partnership is also to upgrade the capacity of NVTI staff who will understudy their Australian counterparts.

HMPTI has also been endorsed by major stakeholders in the oil and gas industry, such as the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), the Rig Workers Association of Ghana (RWAG), the Ghana Oil and Gas Service Providers Association (GOGSPA) and the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), just to mention a few.

Harvard Marine has achieved a number of milestones, despite its nascent status. The company has been furnishing the oil and gas industry stakeholders with credible knowledge on current trends in the industry. This knowledge is borne out of painstaking scientific research conducted at areas where the industry is concentrated. The sectoral areas of these researches range from geological mapping of oil reserves to assessment of labour potency in the industry.

Thus Harvard Marine has built a thriving communion with stakeholders of the oil and gas industry as well as its allied industries both in Ghana and abroad.

Captain Ron McGrath, CEO of Havard Marine International Ghana Limited

Unique selling proposition

In partnership with the Australasian Maritime Institute, HMPTI is offering the first course to students beginning in January 2012. Courses will run for three months and graduates will have all the basic offshore safety induction and emergency training endorsement as required for entry-level application to the offshore oil and gas industry. Additional courses will be introduced as industries evolve around the oil and gas discoveries and production. Courses are designed around the International Maritime Organisation Resolution A 891, and are suited locally for petroleum industry standards and can be adapted to synergise with other sectors of industry such as mining, construction and manufacturing.

The Harvard Marine-NVTI partnership will extend to promotional activities such as road shows, forums as well as a visit of a delegation comprising key stakeholders in the oil and gas industry from Ghana to Australia.

Tailormade courses

HMPTI is set to offer certificate programmes, which include Basic Offshore, Offshore HS&E Entry Level Training and Intermediate Industry and Safety Training.

The basic offshore course content includes overview of oil and gas industry, management and procedures, rigging technology, industrial machinery and lifting equipment.

Others include basic fire prevention and control, elementary first aid, safe work permit and isolation, safety management systems and on-the-job training programmes.

The rest are welding and thermal cutting, welding, machining, care and use of hand and power tools, risk assessment and other subject appropriate to entry level industry training certification.

“For the youth and the unemployed, international accredited training is the only gateway to successful employment in this premium industry, the Harvard Marine Petroleum Institute with its international partners is offering Ghanaians a the best of training opportunity for this burgeoning oil industry,” said Captain Ron McGrath, CEO of Harvard Marine International Ghana Limited.

“The opportunity now exists for students, graduates and those who are currently employed to re-evaluate their chosen career path and opt for one with secure employment and potential high income. The industry as it develops has the capacity to accommodate many vocations accessible through quality training offered through HMPTI.”

Entry requirement

The entry requirement of HMPTI is very wide and easy to fit into. The requirement begins at the second cycle level with SSSCE or WASSCE, NVTI Certificate 1/2, City and Guilds Intermediate/ Advance, Higher National Diploma (HND) and Degree.

Mode of payment and contact

Payment for enrollment forms can be made at UT, HFC, UBA, Fidelity, Barclays and ECOBANK branches nationwide. A form costs 100 Ghana cedis. Tuition fee can be paid in installment ahead of commencing the programme.

Register online at www.harvardmarine.com

Location: Kwesimintim, Anaji road, Takoradi

For enquiries, please call: 0312 195726 / 0244 458645 / 0243 861962 / 0302 945149 / 020 8384918.