A new carbonated fruit drink of Spanish-origin has been introduced onto the Ghanaian market. The drink is produced by Classic Beverages Nigeria Limited and marketed in Ghana by Classic Beverages Manufacturing Ghana Limited.

La Casera Apple, contains 4% natural apple juice and it is the first carbonated soft drink in apple flavour introduced in a pet bottle in the Nigerian non-alcoholic beverage market.

Marketers of La Casera in Ghana are confident the product will be driven by its brand recognition and will soon carve a remarkable niche for itself in the market.

"Ghana has embraced us (La Casera) warmly. Judging by the initial response, the product is gaining acceptability and seems well received. To boost this, we will be supporting local partners with adequate point of sales materials, market floats, wet sampling exercises and our own sales staff will do secondary sales. For a new entrant like us, this means a lot of investment. But we will ensure that all of these are done, because it will reap benefits for both our partners and us," said Soumya Ghosh, business development manager of Classic Beverages Manufacturing Ghana.