Techno Android Phone

One of Ghana's leading mobile phone manufacturing companies, Tecno, has launched its first dual SIM Android smartphone in Ghana.

Called the "Tecno N3", the stylish and sophisticated device, which is nicknamed the "Smarter Smart Phone", gives users a unique access to several applications including audio visual features. It also has an 8 gigabyte micro SD, which can store
up to 32GB worth of data, as well as a touch screen.

Other features include 2G+ 3G network, WiFi/AP, google play, hotspot, google maps, whatsapp, facebook, a 3.0MP camera and 800 MHz processor among others.

At an impressive ceremony held at the Tecno store at Tiptoe Lane in Accra over the weekend, Derrick Nkrumah, General Manager, Operations, reiterated his outfit's resolve to roll out top of the range phones onto the Ghanaian market, adding that Tecno is positioned to craft this new phone to serve the needs of middle-income earners.

The N3 he said is just a step into the smart phone world by Tecno. Tecno will, within short interval, produce new phones with smarter features, he said indicating that the market should be expecting something new beginning early next year. The new Tecno N3 is the first dual SIM Android based smartphone by the local representatives of the Hong Kong-based telecom company.