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With sheer determination and a good sense of what she is about, Mabel Simpson gave up her job  to take up what anybody might have said was a difficult niche with little prospects of making the big markets. Why would a young lady who had what it takes to climb to any height of choice in any media organisation opt for handicraft for a living?

"I studied visual arts at Wesley Girls' High School, Cape Coast and majored in Graphic Design at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. And, from the day I resigned from my job to start "mSimps", the name of my company. That was the day I told myself this was the profession I was going to dedicate my whole being to."

With no capital but a strong passion for creating original African concepts expressed in bags and other fashion accessories, Mabel was not for once in doubt that she had made the right career choice.

Mabel Simpson, Director, mSimps


Some of Mabels Bags

A Potential Customer

"My grandparents had a part to play in my design background. My maternal and paternal grandmothers were home scientists and my late grandfather a printer.  They passed the design genes to me because I remember watching and helping my grandmothers knit, sew and bake.  
"My grandfather also passed on his printing and design books on to me. So, it was as if nature prepared me for it. Also, the courses I studied have had a great influence on my design because it has taught be to be creative, innovative and original in my designs."

So, it was with little efforts and confidence that Mabel found and maintained her place in the world of bag making.

"In August 2010, with a seed capital of GH¢200, I resigned from my job to promote African fabrics. I did not have a huge capital to start with but I believed that you start small and grow.

"I started with just GH¢200, borrowed my grandmother's sewing machine, used my parent's porch and with one employee, I was in business. I made sure that every money I made was re-invested it into the business. That is what has helped me build the business to this stage."

Two years on, Mabel serves an exclusive Ghanaian and foreign upper class market. In collaboration with other entrepreneurs in similar business, they mount exhibitions in highbrow residential locations which has never failed to turn out successful.

But, it has not all been too rosy for Mabel. "Finding the right human capital, financial capital and irregular supply of raw
materials are some of the challenges confronting me."  

"mSimps targets individuals and organisations who believe in the African dream, are fashion conscious, trendy and confident. I was a part of the 10 finalists of My Business 2011, a business mentorship competition organised by Joy FM and 2nd runner
up in the UT Enablis Business LaunchPad competition.

"We have been nominated for Accessory Designer of the year award for this year's Ghana Fashion Awards which will be held on the 24th of November, 2012.  

"In December 2010, mSimps supported PlanIt Ghana with their Love Your World 5000 project, a charity show in aid of Autism. I've had the opportunity to speak to and inspire a cross-section of students from Ashesi University and
also on a youth forum in Accra and Kumasi which was organised by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

"The ultimate goal of mSimps is to produce quality handmade Made-In-Ghana products and be recognised in Africa and beyond in the next 10 years. mSimps also has hopes of establishing a training school for girls from under privileged communities.

"I sell online through social media like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. I also sell through an outlet located in Osu.
She would not disclose how much she makes from her venture but could only say that she is not loosing money and have long recovered her initial capital.

"Finding capital to inject into her small business to expand output has not been easy but holds on to her hope that at the right time she would build the business profitable and attractive enough to interest financiers.