Airtel Ghana in partnership with 4Sight Microsystems, an ICT firm, has launched the Directory Assistance System (DAS), a service which makes it possible for Ghanaians to access contact information of businesses and institutions in Ghana, simply via a phone call.

DAS provides on-the-spot directory service to Airtel customers, enabling them to access these important business details and locate information on the go all day long, making business transactions more convenient.

A release issued in Accra by Airtel said “Customers can enjoy this service by dialing the short code 411 which gives them access to an agent at a minimal cost of 40 pesewas for the first minute and 6.67 pesewas for every ten seconds subsequently.”

The statement said after the request, an automated system feeds the customer with the information requested and that is immediately confirmed through SMS on the customer’s handset.

The release explained further “If the requested information is not available, the customer gets back the amount he is charged for the phone call while steps are taken to update the directory with the new information.” Entry into the directory for businesses is, however, free.