Enterprise Group Limited (EGL), listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), replaced Enterprise Insurance Company (EIC) in November last year. The Group is the holding company for Enterprise Insurance Company, Enterprise Life Assurance Company and Consortium House.

The listing of Enterprise Group Limited allowed for the delisting of Enterprise Insurance Company which had been on the GSE since its inception in 1990 when the Ghana Government released its shareholding in the insurance company through a public share offer, thus making EIC a pioneer company on the local bourse and the first insurance company in Ghana to be listed on the exchange.

The Managing Director of Enterprise Group, George Otoo, said that all three companies will enhance the group’s operations and also reposition it to take advantage of opportunities emerging from the market, as well as make the group more profitable in the long term.

The Enterprise Group is the oldest insurance company in Ghana, having been in operation since 1924 and it was the first insurance company to operationalise a fully integrated IT system throughout its network of branches in Ghana.

It is also the first to introduce the work group business process in Ghana’s insurance industry.