A new LPG gas distribution and retailing company, PD-Group Limited has launched its first product  - PD-Gas, in Accra. With the coming of the PD Gas, the company is introducing an innovative retailing system into Ghana’s LPG marketing and retailing. This innovation in the company’s gas retailing concept is that LPG gas would now be sold as buyers can afford to pay just as is the case in petrol retailing. That is, the retail would be in monetary measure instead of in weight (kg) measure; ultimate intention being to totally eliminate the current trend where gas usage seem to be the preserve of a few who could afford to pay fixed cylinder prices at a time.

At the Launch, the Executive Director of PD-Group, Prince Osei-Tutu, said the group was initiated to remedy some of the teething challenges in the LPG retail sector.

“PD-Group was borne out of the need to remodel the LPG retail sector which is saddled with challenges, with the use of modern, appropriate and cutting edge technology to guarantee safety, accessibility, availability, affordability and end-user satisfaction”, he noted.

The core business activities of PD-Group include the supply of LPG gas to end users, supply of LPG equipment to distributors, retail of LPG safety and other services as well as the provision of logistics and support to the LPG distribution chain.