The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called on government to adopt a more focused and concerted approach towards employment creation. It should put in place support measures for the private sector to assist it to become the real engine of growth and provide decent jobs for the people.



Kofi Asamoah, Secretary General of TUC, said it was sad that the so-called economic growth rates achieved over the years had failed to create employment for Ghanaians as joblessness continued to soar. He was speaking at the opening of their 9th quadrennial delegates’ congress in Kumasi.

The four-day meeting is under the theme: “Organising for Empowerment, Employment Security and Increased Productivity.”

Mr. Asamoah attributed the inability of the nation’s high economic growth to deliver jobs to the failure of politicians to prioritise employment creation after elections and the exploitation of natural resources in their raw material form. He stressed the need for the government to aid the manufacturing sector and place the people at the centre of the nation’s development efforts by addressing the many challenges bedeviling the private sector. Source: Daily Guide