Telecom firm, Tigo has raised the competition in the industry’s service offerings further with the introduction of the first-ever Twitter SMS service to social media fans in the country.

The Tigo Twitter SMS service allows all Tigo subscribers to send and receive tweets through text messages. This means that twitter users can now use the social   media service from any mobile phone without any connection to the Internet.

Before Tigo introduced the Twitter SMS service, the company had rolled-out other innovative solution-based products and services such as the Facebook Phone which allowed subscribers to access Facebook at the touch of a dedicated button, and the Facebook SMS service which also allowed subscribers to receive and post comments on Facebook through SMS.

To sign on to the Twitter SMS service, Tigo subscribers send a text message with the word “START” to short code 40404.

Subscribers start enjoying the social media service by receiving tweets free of charge from the people they follow and are charged only when they send out tweets.